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Pivoting into a new career in a new industry is scary, confusing, and lonely. We've been there.

Balancing identity change, loss, grief, healing and imposter syndrome

3-7 years of experience required for entry level jobs

12 new tools and frameworks to learn, just in JavaScript alone

Loss of community, accountability and day to day structure

No sense of your ongoing progress and growth

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Apprenticeships bundle everything you need to transition and excel in a new career, all in one amazing experience. That's why we believe apprenticeships are the future of education and work!

Why Choose Us?

We're an early stage woman-owned public benefit corporation building the future of education and work. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue any career, no matter their background and life circumstances. Our platform drives transparency, equity, and accessibility in the apprenticeship system, so you can discover and land the learn and earn program of your dreams.

No Student Loan Debt

We know the student loan crisis stops millions of talented, smart candidates from lots of awesome careers today. That's why we work so hard to make more apprenticeships available for those of us who prefer no student loan debt.

Our awesome features
Academics Aren't for Everyone

College for all culture reinforces beliefs of academic supremacy and alienates people who don't fit into traditional professional stereotypes. We don't believe long, exclusive, traditional academic programs serve everyone. We're building an education system where you can train quickly and easily for any career at any age, no matter your background and life circumstances.

Our awesome features
Get Paid Work Experience

In today's job market, experience trumps everything. Apprentices focus on doing the work and developing skills on the job. You'll add real accomplishments to your portfolio and get better at your job. We mentioned you'll get paid right?

Our awesome features
Match with Mentors and Sponsors

Research shows very few people get mentorship and sponsorship at work, especially those of us from underrepresented groups. We think that's a big problem. Apprenticeships include structured mentorship and built-in sponsorship from senior leaders at the company. We know that will change your life.

Our awesome features
Finish with a Full Time Job

As you close out your apprenticeship, the opportunity to convert to a full time job is the key. You and your team will be working hard to ensure that you receive a job offer at the end of your apprenticeship. We'll be here to support you and cheer for you the whole entire way.

Our awesome features

We'll Help You Land An Apprenticeship That's Built for You

Comprehensive learn and earn program database

We're building the largest database tracking and analyzing learn and earn programs at 20,000+ strong.


Program opening and deadline alerts

Can't keep track of everything? We've got your back with reminders and alerts.


Alternative Program Recommendations

Rejection is a normal part of the process. We'll help you cope and move on with curated alternatives.


Unlimited direct messaging with an apprenticeship expert and career coach

Have a specific question or concern? Bounce ideas off your dedicated expert to make sure you shine.


Online group workshops to improve your resume, LinkedIn, portfolio, essays, and interviews

Ready to polish your approach? Our group sessions give you time and space to practice and improve.


Expert AMAs with current and past apprentices

Thought you were the only one with your background and experience? We'll give you the context and relationships you need to aspire to more.


Our Pricing

Whether you are just starting to explore or ready to land your apprenticeship

$50 / month
  • Comprehensive, Curated Program Database
  • 50+ Self-Paced Bite Sized Lessons
  • Do It Yourself Guide
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$100 / month
  • Comprehensive, Curated Program Database
  • 50+ Self-Paced Bite Sized Lessons
  • Weekly Live Group Sessions
  • Unlimited Direct Messaging with Apprenticeship Experts
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$150 / month
  • Comprehensive, Curated Program Database
  • 50+ Self-Paced Bit Size Lessons
  • Weekly Live Group Sessions
  • Unlimited Direct Messaging with Apprenticeship Experts
  • Monthly 1:1 Video Check-In with Apprenticeship Experts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

We hear that a lot! We think the idea that you can get coursework, credentials, a vocation, mentorship, and sponsorship all in one transformational paid experience is pretty amazing too. That's why we're here! We'll help you find or build the apprenticeship of your dreams.

An apprenticeship is a 6 month (or more!) paid training program aimed at developing specialized, in-demand skills. Coursework, credential(s), a vocation, mentorship, and sponsorship are all bundled into one transformational paid experience. You remember the Medieval blacksmiths right Apprenticeships have been proven for 500+ years.

Apprenticeships don't assume you are attending or recently graduated from an academic institution, and thus tend to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Apprenticeships always offer the possibility of conversion to full time employment at the end of the program. Internships, on the other hand, serve college students and assume you'll return to school afterwards.

Apprenticeships are built for people who want to earn and learn, because it's often not possible to forgo full time income and take on student debt. Instead of sitting in a classroom or studying from a textbook, apprenticeships offer real-world practice and day to day work responsibilities, which can be more engaging and fulfilling if you're someone who thrives seeing the impact of what you do. Students who don't thrive in or enjoy typical academic environments, career pivoters, return-to-work parents, veterans, caregivers, people with disabilities or health concerns, currently and formerly incarcerated folks, sabbatical takers, self-taught learners, and so many more amazing people benefit from apprenticeships.

Today, we're in beta, so that makes you an early adopter and a crucial supporter. Our platform is built around supporting and empowering candidates who want to apply to and land apprenticeship programs, but our curriculum and resources provide an outstanding foundation and excellent framework for any job seeker or student, regardless of your educational background. To have the best shot at landing an apprenticeship, you should have a non-traditional education background for your chosen career or industry. Most likely, this means you didn't attend college or university for the career path you want to pursue today, and/or you took an extended break from your career due to things like caregiving, military service, illness, disability, or incarceration. We do not require you to join an apprenticeship if you choose to join as a member, so you can apply for any jobs, school, or opportunities as you wish. We just hope you choose to believe in, promote, and invest in apprenticeships as the future of education and work as a member here. Around here, we're big on leaving the world a better place than we found it and building the future we want for all of our great grandkids.

Apprenticeships are by far the most accessible, inclusive and equitable talent development programs that companies offer today, so we hope you're excited about that! If you can't directly join and benefit from them right now, we guarantee you might in the future, and be sure to keep them in mind for your friends, family, and maybe even your future grandchild. tl;dr If you are a recent university graduate with a Bachelor's or above level degree looking for an opportunity in the field you studied, apprenticeships are not built for you. You should look for internships and entry level and above jobs. If you are switching careers, returning to the workforce, or joining a career without a Bachelor's degree or above in your field - you're in the right place and we're so glad you're here.

Depending on your background, goals, and time commitment, we expect most candidates need at least 3 to 6 months to successfully transition into an apprenticeship that's in high demand. Depending on the job and location, some apprenticeships you can join immediately without much hassle, though! The process is unique to each candidate and career.

Great question! We're excited you're ready to join. You should pick based on how much expert support you want from our team. If you already have access to a career coach or careers department, or you have the support and accountability you need from a friend, colleague, or family member, we built the Self-Starter level to get there on your own. If you're curious to make a career transition in the next 6-12+ months, but aren't quite sure yet, we built the Explorer level for you. We'll give you the support and knowledge you need to explore, plan, and transition. If you're ready to join an apprenticeship in the next 3+ months, already did a bootcamp, certificate, or several courses for your transition, and need the context, accountability and feedback to push you over the finish line, the Committed level is for you. You'll have 24/7 direct messaging with apprenticeship experts, weekly group sessions, and monthly 1:1 check-ins to take you to the next level.

During our beta, we're offering 3 major features that we know work. Our Founder, Kam, has worked with over 700+ non-traditional candidates, helping them land and accept offers in nearly all of the best apprenticeships in the market today. She's specialized in apprenticeships for over 7 years. The 3 major features we know you need to succeed are: discovery, profile, and community. In our beta, we help you find and prepare for all the best open programs, produce the most competitive and exciting profile for yourself possible, and show you all that you can aspire to and dream of with the support of ambitious peers and knowledgable experts.

No problem, babe! We built the Explorer level just for you. We hope the monthly cost is reasonable enough to offer you the time and space you need while you explore, and that the direct messaging and group sessions keep you on track to discover and commit to your path.

Excellent! That kind of laser focus will get you far. We recommend you sign up for at least 1 month to get the support you need to apply and interview. After that, feel free to cancel whenever you want!

We're so happy you're here! We're big fans. The best answer is sure! We're in beta right now, and are building more features and resources just for you.

Apprenticeships are the most accessible, flexible, affordable and proven tool we know to develop people, skills, and organizations simultaneously. Apprenticeships serve the widest range of careers and the widest range of candidates across every life stage and circumstance. We’re talking 80%+ of any country’s workforce! Apprenticeships can be used for lateral pivots into new career fields and for upward promotions into more advanced and managerial positions. Apprenticeships embed a strong, dedicated culture of learning and new skill development into the organizations that adopt them - making these organizations and the people in them more prepared for the 21st century and beyond. Apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity to address many deep, complex, and crucial issues head on, such as the student loan crisis, high college dropout rates, high workforce dropout rates among moms, too few transitional opportunities for veterans and formerly incarcerated folks, and corporate diversity and inclusion - all at once.

No, this is not. Our Founder, Kam was part of the team that pioneered income share agreements (ISAs) at Learner's Guild in Oakland in 2015 and earlier, and stands against them. We do not support or believe in income share agreements (ISAs) around here. You cannot solve a student loan crisis with even more high risk, high interest student loan debt. You also cannot solve a student loan debt crisis with forgiveness. We work on and invest in apprenticeships because they actually solve these problems, rather than worsen, ignore or delay them.

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