Kam is a social entrepreneur, a believer in underdogs, and a champion of non-traditional engineers. Over the last 3 years, Kam has coached and supported over 500 non-traditional engineers and aspiring apprentices into programs across the Bay Area like LinkedIn REACH, Twilio Hatch, Pandora Demo Tape, Airbnb Connect, and the Pinterest apprenticeship program.

Kam was the Senior Career Developer at Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco, where she built an early community and series of events around corporate apprenticeship programs. When Dev Bootcamp was shut down by Kaplan in 2017, Kam joined Learner's Guild, one of the earliest income share agreement (ISA) based immersive programs, as Director of Partnerships in Oakland, CA. Within 6 months, Learner's Guild shut down due to total culture failure and the failure of income share agreements as a sustainable, impactful business model for people without access to traditional credit. Knowing the ultimate source of power towards systemic change lies in the hands of companies and employers, Kam co-founded a B2B workforce development company called Onramp. She is currently a student in the part time, online web development program Bloc and is a graduate of Dev Bootcamp Phase 0.

Kam loves to travel, and has lived in Hyderabad, India; Singapore; and Bali, Indonesia. Kam is a proud StartingBloc fellow, marathoner, and aspiring triathlete. She loves tomatoes, traveling, reading, writing, running, cooking, and a good game of soccer.



This project and community, apprenticeship.io, was inspired and created by a group of talented, caring Dev Bootcamp and Learner's Guild students and alumni. Navigating the job hunt as a non-traditional engineer has never been a clear or easy path. When we realized how little information and knowledge existed about these career paths (even amongst employers, educators and career coaches!), and we realized that our legacy, wins, and stories would be, in many ways, lost with the closure of our programs. We decided to start an independent open source project to help non-traditional engineers make it into apprenticeships, regardless of their ability to afford expensive career coaching and immersive full time training. Sick of years of excuses from employers, we also wanted to show companies that hiring non-traditional engineers through apprenticeship is valuable, affordable, and simple. We want to provide resources and inspiration to ignite changes in engineering hiring and career development practices.


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