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Our Mission
We gather past, present, and future software engineering apprentices, and the employers and educators who love them. We advocate, empower, and create transparency around software engineering apprenticeships in the US in order to expand access and extend opportunity to software engineers from non-traditional education paths like bootcamps, community colleges, online programs, and self-directed study. We believe apprenticeships are a powerful tool to unlock human potential and to dismantle archaic, harmful beliefs in software engineering.
We are working to make apprenticeships
tech industry standard in the United States.
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Our Team

Lyn Muldrow

Senior Developer Educator

at DigitalOcean

in Atlanta, GA

Amelia Padua

Software Engineer

at Pixavo

in Chicago, IL

Marcos Cannabrava

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

at CareConsult

in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Kamrin Klauschie

Front End Engineer + Career Advisor

at Pathrise

in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Our Supporters

Sar Warner

Organizational Effectiveness

at Slack

in San Francisco, CA

Anthony Holloway

Talent Acquisition Manager

at Woebot

in San Francisco, CA

Dave Hoover

Co-Founder + CEO

at Red Squirrel

in Chicago, IL

Joe Mastey

Lead Developer

at Home Chef

in Chicago, IL

Katie O'Neill

UX/UI Designer

at Autodesk

in San Francisco, CA

Maren McMullan

Product Manager

at Uber

in San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Shopsin

Software Engineer

at Autodesk

in San Francisco, CA

Zara Aslam

Looking for New Opportunities

Due to COVID-19

in Seattle, WA

Our Story
This project and community was originally inspired and created by a group of talented, caring Dev Bootcamp and Learner's Guild staff, students, and alumni in San Francisco and Oakland. When we started dreaming up this project in the fall of 2017, there were very few opportunities that welcomed and celebrated non-traditional education backgrounds in tech.

We wanted to show companies that hiring non-traditional engineers through apprenticeship is valuable, affordable, and simple. We wanted to dream about educational equity and envision what the tech industry could become.

During COVID-19, we've been inspired to re-commit to this work with a new sense of importance and dedication. Today, we continue this work through advocacy, transparency, and empowerment across the United States.

Our Inspiration
Here are a few resources that inspire our work and our thinking. We're grateful to the people and organizations involved in creating these blogs, books, documentaries, websites, and more!
Apprenticeship Patterns
Chicago Apprenticeships
thoughtbot Apprenticeship Playbook
Fail State Documentary
Lower Ed

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