Change is Coming

Launching soon, our API will provide necessary infrastructure, transparency and access that will transform the apprenticeship system in technology in the United States. If equitable opportunity is our collective goal, then secret programs, invisible partnerships, and lack of accountability on program performance must end.

To launch our API, we're building a small, tight knit group of employers and leaders who are committed to apprenticeship and breaking down educational inequity to seed our transparency movement.

If you and your company believe in the build in public and open source technology movements, and have an established apprenticeship in technology in the United States, you might be a great fit as an early partner.

We look forward to hearing from you!

"Having spent the last 5 years hunting down apprenticeships in technology, it's incredible how little infrastructure exists around these programs in the United States, despite being one of the best, proven solutions to address the student loan crisis and improve economic mobility. It's time for change!"

Illustration of Kamrin Klauschie

Kamrin Klauschie

Founder of apprenticeship.io