Bay Area

Missing Employers

Understanding the Bay Area

The Bay Area remains the hub for technology in the United States. This region holds tremendous potential for welcoming and training new technologists into the industry through apprenticeships.

San Francisco

Employers inside the city of San Francisco currently offer the most apprenticeships in technology.

The birthplace of the world's most exciting technology startups

San Francisco offers an incredible amount of resources and knowledge to entrepreneurs starting new technology companies. Publicly supported apprenticeships could become one of those benefits for startups.

A high density of opportunity and many modes of transit

The city offers employers and candidates a 7x7 mile grid of high density opportunity, with a variety of options for how to show up.

The highest growth area for apprenticeships in the Bay Area

Over the last 5 years, the amount of technology apprenticeships in San Francisco has nearly tripled in both number of employers and number of apprentice opportunities.


Despite being home for much of the Bay Area's low income population and communities of color, few Bay Area employers offer apprenticeships in technology within the city of Oakland.

A huge competitive advantage and tremendous diversity

Considered home to a growing number of Bay Area residents, creating an apprenticeship in Oakland means very little competition.

A mix between city and suburban lifestyles

The East Bay offers employers and candidates who settle there a variety of options to build a life they love.

Unique partnerships with small businesses across industries

Opportunities in the East Bay lend themselves to new and unique models combining strengths of various types of companies and industries.

Silicon Valley

Often viewed as the center of innovation and wealth globally, the Silicon Valley does not live up to it's reputation in terms of technology apprenticeships. The Silicon Valley area does not offer enough onramps for new communities to benefit from technology careers.

The HQ of the world's most established technology companies

Silicon Valley has a rich history of innovation in the technology industry and can create world class models of equitable access.

A higher reliance on private transit, less density of companies

For many candidates, a move to the South Bay will represent big lifestyle changes and a more suburban environment.

The most potential for apprenticeship growth

Companies based in the South Bay have the power and resources to create some of the biggest apprenticeship programs in the United States.


Learn about Bay Area networks

Networks bring together stakeholders across the region to provide resources, best practices, and accountability, typically quite focused on employers. The Bay Area has a robust and growing set of networks to expand and improve apprenticeships in technology.

Northern California Apprentice Network (NCAN)

Recently launched, the Northern California Apprentice Network aims to scale apprenticeship opportunities in new industries and bring more employers to the table across Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Silicon Valley Apprenticeship Consortium (SVAC)

The Silicon Valley Apprenticeship ConsortiumJoin gathers to share program models, best practices and lessons learned around apprenticeship programs.


A growing group of workforce, education, hiring, training, and policy professionals gathering for a monthly happy hour event every third Wednesday of the month.