What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a 6 to 12 month (or longer!) paid training program aimed at developing mastery in specialized, high demand skills. Apprenticeships are hands-on, state of the art learning environments guided and supported by an advanced person of the trade or craft. You remember the Medieval blacksmiths? That's right, this path has been proven for over 500 years.

"Non-traditional can have many meanings, but we chose to define it as any candidate without formal computer science education. This includes coding bootcamp grads, self-taught coders, those looking to re-enter the tech workforce, and others. We knew that this significant talent pool is too often overlooked and is one that would bring unique benefits to our teams."

"Engineering talent comes in many different forms and from many different backgrounds, and it’s more than just technical chops: it involves curiosity, problem solving, and passion. At LinkedIn, we recognize that engineering talent doesn’t always come from traditional training, especially when there are so many different paths to programming today."

“This program couldn’t just be about providing training, or even job opportunities to our apprentices. We’ve worked hard to build a safe and special culture at Slack, where people who come from different backgrounds can thrive just as well as those who followed traditional paths.”

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