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I love the graphics, and how each word is highlighted. Simple but elegant. Let me be explicit: you’re doing great work and I see you. When are you going to write a book?! This feels like the foreword of a very juicy and complex personal development book.

Anthony Holloway
Talent Acquisition Manager, Woebot

"I come from a non-traditional background, a poor background where education was discouraged we couldn't afford it anyway. I had a few lucky breaks that not everyone gets and have had some success. I would like to help others that haven't been as lucky."

Eric Merritt
Director of Engineering, Narvar

"Keep up the great work. Highlighting the success of bootcampers is so important. It has gotten much better, but there is still a stigma out there and things like your podcast make such a big difference in changing that."

Merty McGraw
Senior Software Engineer, Strava

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"I love that you created over 3.5 years ago! You are a true visionary."

Jerrod New
Former Product Manager at Coding Dojo

"I love the new content you're putting out. It's super engaging and the moving transcript is such a great idea. Great job."

Brandon Gilchrist
Former LEAP Apprentice at Microsoft, Security Engineer at Whitehat