We support non-traditional technologists everywhere

Any time you see bad practices in your journey into technology
Let us know how we can support!

Candidates & Apprentices

Let us advocate for you and root out inequities

As a non-traditional technologist, it can feel like the system is built against you.
Here are some ways we can help.

Apprenticeship Curriculum

Does your school or training organization not yet teach the concept of apprenticeship? Give us a heads up so we can help.

Job Descriptions

Did you find a job descriptions with agregious technology, education, or equivalency requirements? Send them to us!

Scholarship Policies

Are you interested in applying for a scholarship that excludes applicants without higher education? We'll reach out on your behalf.

Conference Policies

If you're buying tickets for a tech industry conference, and you're excluded from student or educator tickets, we'd love to hear about it.

Career Fairs

Are you attending a career fair, but the employers you speak with don't know what an apprenticeship is yet? We'll take care of that.

Social Media

Did you find a discussion about education in hiring and feel like you need some backup? Link us and we'll have your back.